Call For Presenters

We would love for you to be part of the 2022 Virtual Roadshows through presentations and product demonstrations. We want to showcase your knowledge and we ask you to help us deliver this exciting content. 

What we are looking for

We've put some thought and planning into the relevant sessions for each course. We are looking for presentations on the below session topics, but are always open to ideas and suggestions we've not covered. Feel free to make a suggestion for a course session if you've got a great idea in mind. 
The sky is the limit so let us know where you would like to get involved with the sessions and courses. Make your presentation a panel, a Q&A or a standard presentation style to showcase the session. Bring your team and your clients along for the presentation. NiUG Asia Pacific is all about user stories and we love when you have the opportunity to showcase your achievements through them.

Course Sessions - We are looking for presenters for the following: 

 Course  Topic Session Topics
 1   iMIS Capabilities • Underutilised areas of iMIS - showcase areas of iMIS where users are missing the mark and how to engagement with it
• Missed opportunities for integration products - why choosing a product that integrates is key to success
• Build it in iMIS, don't outsource - highlight some areas of iMIS where organisations can quickly and easily build it themselves rather than getting an add on product 
 2  Procedures, Documentation, and Staff Education  • User story: documentation success stories 
• User story: staff training success stories 
• Planning for your documentation of processes and procedures - the building blocks and where to start
• Why consistent staff training is critical and how to build it into your on boarding 
 3  Change Management • How to implement and plan for change management with your upgrade or implementation 
• User story panel: How organisations have implemented change management for organisational success with iMIS

 Products That Revolutionise The Way You Work (Demos + User Stories)

• Partner + User success stories - share your AP Client success stories with the community 
• Showcase Demos 

Length of presentation: 30 mins to 1 hour 
Structure of presentation: all types (panels, webinar style, workshop discussion)

Get Involved

Stake your claim for the sessions and courses you want to present and be involved in. If you have an idea for a session not listed that you think would be a great fit let us know. 
Email me at [email protected] or call 0405 822 536 before Friday 29 April to get involved. 


Call me anytime at 0405 822 536 or book a meeting with me via my Calendly to set up a meeting time.