Experience a World of Learning at the 2023 Discovery Conference

This year, our theme is "Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers". We're focusing on how iMIS can connect different parts of an organisation and overcome challenges. This conference is your opportunity to learn how to harness the transformative potential of iMIS in fostering communication and overcoming obstacles within your organisation.

At the 2023 Discovery Conference, we're offering two unique learning tracks designed to maximize your educational experience and iMIS learning.

Track One: Interactive Workshops

Our first track focuses on workshops, providing you with the opportunity to connect with presenters and fellow attendees. These sessions are designed to foster interaction, learning, and networking.

Track Two: User Stories

The second track is all about learning from the experiences of other iMIS users and professionals. These sessions feature interactive panels and discussions.

We'll also feature special sessions like the opening iMIS Celebrations, the Great Things Award winners, and more.

Check out last year's program to get a taste of what you'll get in 2023. Then check back regularly for 2023 program updates, or sign up to be notified when the program goes live.

Can't wait? Register now to save up to 27% off the registration price!

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