Partnership Opportunities

A partnership with NiUG AP gives your company an incomparable opportunity to reach the iMIS community. NiUG AP members include a broad audience including c-level executives, department directors, database administrators, finance professionals, membership specialists and coordinators, event planners, fundraisers, and marketing professionals. They influence buying decisions at every level and represent various market segments.

Throughout the year NiUG AP provides the user group community with in-person Connect & Learn events on iMIS related topics. These meetings are led by iMIS experts and users alike where members are encouraged to share their experiences and more importantly table any questions they may have. Our annual conference is held over three days providing training and educational sessions to delegates on the 'how' and the 'what' of iMIS.

NiUG AP has 77 member organisations in Asia Pacific and 591 worldwide, and a group of international committee volunteers who are dedicated to helping organisations can get the ultimate benefit for their capital and time investment.

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